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About Muhammad Ashiq

Current status:Mr. Muhammad Ashiq is serving as Assistant Research Officer in the Department of Agronomy Ayub Agricultural Research Institute Faiasalabad.  He is an exclusive weed scientist and is one of the valuable assets of the institute.

Specification: He has command on practical aspects of weeds, weedicides and weed control in the cereals, cotton, sugarcane, vegetables, oilseeds, fodders, pulses, gardens, lawns, public parks and non-croplands.

Experience: He has experience of more than 20 years on identification and biology of weeds, bioassay of weedicides and practical use of herbicides in field crops production. He has exclusive experience of use of herbicides for weed control in the flowers, household lawns, public parks and non-croplands.

Publications:08 books, 10 research papers, 15 booklets, 70 articles, 150 radio talks are on weed science and crop production are on his credit. His work is not  restricted to weed control only; rather he has updated information on the current crops production and compiled comprehensive books on flowers and 77 Crops Production Technology.

Additional services: He is a practical farmer and has compiled books on Agronomy of field crops. That is why, a large number of contact farmers is associated throughout Punjab either by direct phone calls or by agriculture helpline for practical guidance and free advisory service.

Hobbies:He is a versatile Pakistani researcher. He has good command on Arabic and Persian languages. That is why, he has published his research work in the form of books on Lugatul Quran, AllamaIqbal, Geograpyy and History.

How can you benefit:His expertise, books and services can be sought through website, phone calls, e mails, scheduled field visits and personal meetings.